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Pursue Progress. Discover Extraordinary.

Pursue Progress. Discover Extraordinary.

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Better is out there. Better medications, better outcomes, better science. It’s all down to people like you, from different backgrounds, in different locations, doing different roles. Take the most important step in your career: help us change the lives of people, families, and communities for the better.

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This is an incredibly exciting time to be in biopharma. At Sanofi, you’ll join a team that shares a purpose, embraces new ideas, and seizes opportunities to improve people’s lives. Bring your curiosity and determination, and we’ll bring you countless opportunities, starting with AI-matched mentorship, expert training, and new experiences across our global company.

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Paul calls the plays that move medicine forward.

Paul Rowe.
Head of North America Medical.
Football player.

Changing medicine? It’s the childhood dream that Paul never let go of chasing. Every minute spent hitting the right notes. Every session pushing harder on the football field. That’s how he works relentlessly to impact people’s lives. Believing in the miracles of science means focusing on the small moments as you push toward bigger goals. Tirelessly pursuing better outcomes, Paul’s got one eye on levelling the playing field and another on supporting his teams.

Rama’s growing her skills to nurture others.

Rama Mylapuram.
Group Lead – Scientific Writing.
Proud mother.

Rama is restless in her pursuit of progress. What keeps her motivated? As a mother it’s knowing that giving time to the smallest moments is foundational for everyone’s development. Working from our Hyderabad Hub, she’s grown into a real leader. It’s her capacity to provide support for her team that’s foundational to the transformations our Hubs enable. At Sanofi everyone gets the time and space to balance the important things in life, at work and at home.

Bruno’s poised to make AI more human.

Bruno Gagliardo.
Global Head of AI Platform and
Application Management. Martial artist.

How does Bruno take his love of science, his passion to understand the world, and his desire to solve the biggest problems – and turn all these things into an incredible Digital career? Staying focused, maintaining discipline, he’s a fighter. But from day one, it’s his curiosity that’s always pushed him forward. That’s how, as Global Head of AI Platform and Application Management, he’s making sure AI and data are powering platforms with people at their heart.

Barbara makes vaccines stories accessible.

Barbara Lacassagne.
Head of External Communications for Vaccines.
Storyteller. Creative Parent.

Improving access and visibility of treatments is key to what we do. Barbara is Global Head of External Communications, with a focus on vaccines. That means she makes sure that our stories reach the rest of the world, because that’s how our impact can stretch even further. What drives her? She has first-hand experience of how better immunizations can improve young lives. It’s that passion that gives her the drive to make sure our achievements are heard.

Brendan turns transformation into treatments.

Brendan O’Callaghan.
Head of Global Manufacturing and Supply.
Driver of change.

What does it take to bring hope to patients and families? It takes courage. It takes passion and curiosity. And dedication to strive for better. As lead for our Manufacturing & Supply globally, Brendan makes sure we can undertake a host of digital transformations. We’re using the latest cutting-edge technologies to create changes that will positively impact millions of lives. How could you use your skills to help Brendan deliver on our essential promise?

Céline’s charged to power discoveries.

Céline Thierens.
CMC Project Leader.
Travel enthusiast.

Meet Céline. She’s wide awake. After her first coffee of the day she is ready to lead on the projects that have incredible impacts on people’s health, using her patience and creativity to keep pursuing the big discoveries under the microscope. As CMC Project Leader, her role is to help create the strategies for development in our labs. Her work helps ensure that the right molecules and antibodies can play their role in the discovery of treatments for rare diseases.

Stretch the limits of what you thought was possible. Grow your career, expand your network and be mentored by experts every day. Your new team is waiting for your courage, energy, and ideas to help us achieve life-changing breakthroughs. Ready to get started?

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