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Woman working on a laptop, seated at a desk

Preparing your CV and applying

Great! You have found a role that matches your interests and experiences.

Now take that official step and submit your application so our team gets the opportunity to review your profile.

In addition, there's a brief application where you will be asked to answer a few pre-qualification questions, to ensure a potential match.

Every position is unique. As a result, you may want to adapt the information within to more clearly identify the match requirements of the position you are applying for.

Be sure to make your accomplishments clear to us, including how you have measured progress and success.

Our team reviews thousands of applications each year. A résumé’ / CV that has an easy to read layout and in a business like font is appreciated.

Have you used jargon or acronyms? If you think they are essential, please explain their meaning, especially if they may not be familiar to us at Sanofi.

Is the document proofread and checked for spelling and grammar mistakes?

Woman working on a laptop, seated at a desk

Our Recruitment Process & FAQs

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Before, During, & After Your Interview

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What could we achieve together?

Want to join our Global Talent Community? Every Sanofian works on projects that truly make a difference to people’s lives.

What could you achieve? Sign up today and discover our latest opportunities as soon as they’re available.