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Promoting Early Talents with Place d’Avenir

The 2023 “Place d’Avenir” tour ©Marque&Co

Sometimes you may feel you don’t have quite enough; not enough skills for this company, not enough qualifications for this apprenticeship, or not enough confidence for this interview. So you move on to something else, without taking the chance. Place d’Avenir exists to turn those thoughts around. Its primary aim is to assure early Talents, who may have amazing talent but often feel helpless in the face of employment challenges, that they have what it takes to become part of a large thriving company. Place d’Avenir kicks off on April 16. Sign up now!

Place d’Avenir - a coaching, networking and ‘job dating’ event

With a new edition of Place d’Avenir, running between 16 April to 30 May 2024, we will be meeting students from all backgrounds, in 8 French cities. More than just a recruitment tour, Place d'Avenir is a unique program design to increase confidence among early talents and support them in their employment journey.

Coaching: Igniting everyone’s potential

Confidence for early talents, whatever their background, is fundamental. It will greatly increase their chances of successfully entering the job market and flourishing in their working lives. This is a major challenge, when you consider that 73% of them have already decides not to even apply for positions believing they have no chance of being hired. By drawing inspiration from the way professional athletes prepare themselves before a competition (mental coaching, guidance, success stories, etc.), Place d'Avenir aims to help these early talents reveal their full potential.

Networking: building a network

Place d'Avenir also means introducing early talent with an experienced community, and opening the doors to a professional network that is often difficult to access. During our Place D’Avenir events, we talk to the students about the various jobs we have (more than 700!), and our apprentices are also on site to share their experiences with them. It’s a unique opportunity for candidates to take a detailed look at all the opportunities we offer.

Job dating: an effective pathway to apprenticeship

The aim of Place d’Avenir is to support students to find apprenticeships and recruit tomorrow’s brightest talents. During these 8 days of job dating sessions, there will be over 1,600 apprenticeship and internship contracts to be filled, for positions based at our sites in France, across the entire pharmaceutical value chain.

Making equal opportunities a reality

Place d’Avenir is having a positive and measurable impact. In 2023, we gave more than 1,600 apprentices the opportunity to work with us at our sites in France, with 9% of them coming from Priority Districts of the City Policie (QPV)* and QVA** districts. These results show that the initiative is helping to create a more inclusive society where every young person, regardless of their background, can seize opportunities and flourish within a large group.

* QPV: urban areas requiring support from public authorities, particularly in terms of urban renewal (high priority).
** QVA: urban areas requiring support from public authorities, particularly in terms of urban renewal (lower priority)

Yes to inclusion and equal opportunities

We have a key role to play in reflecting the diversity of the communities we serve. This is why we strive to create a diverse, inclusive and equitable work environment where people can be themselves, thrive, and benefit from the same opportunities.

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1. Data taken from the “Place d’Avenir” survey, conducted by the CSA Research institute for Sanofi in partnership with the Mozaïk Foundation, 2024.