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Sanofi Early Careers France Promoting youth employment

Sarah, Digital Product Owner at Clotide, Senior Content Strategist, France.

We are committed to training, developing and recruiting early talents - it’s in our DNA. Each year, we are immensely proud to have more than 2,500 early talents from diverse backgrounds in our teams. By working on tasks and assignments that involve empowerment and increase professionalism, apprentices and interns are able to develop know-how and interpersonal skills, allowing them to make great strides in their career journey.






International Volunteering in company (VIE)


Industrial Research Training Conventions (CIFRE)


of our permanent positions are filled by early talents

Early Talents journey at Sanofi: our key initiatives

We are committed to supporting all early talents, regardless of their backgrounds and areas of expertise, by guiding them through a unique learning journey, including key milestones along the way:

Our Welcome Day is an opportunity to discover their future working environment, as well as find out who we are, our commitments, and ask questions.

An outstanding learning program, which includes:

  • The support from a tutor-manager, who determines the missions to be assigned (according to the pace of the training). These missions are evaluated and adjusted throughout the course, to ensure the necessary knowledge and skills are acquired.
  • The Sanofi University that offers the entire training portfolio covering all our roles and cross-functional skills (such as digital and personal development)
  • The "Passeport Formation": a unique training course focused on soft skills, specifically made by and for apprentices, combining theory via virtual classes and practical application with experiential and immersive learning. A certificate is awarded at the end of the course.

The "Starting Blocks for Youth" community with 2,200 apprentices and interns led every year by a team of students to develop their network, skills and well-being within the company. Intended for all young people at Sanofi, this community is structured around 5 key themes:

  • Onboarding, integration and support,
  • The manager-intern/apprentice relationship,
  • Collective intelligence on concrete and engaging subjects,
  • Networking and discovering our jobs,
  • Ensuring student life on our sites and between them.

Careers Days is a virtual job fair that connects all our early talents with our ecosystem partners. It gives them advices and tips on how to find their way into the professional world, and features conversation and interviews with partner companies and with our hiring managers at Sanofi.

Supported by Sanofi, the Altern'Up competition helps young entrepreneurial apprentices to develop their business projects. With solid support from professionals, competing students have the opportunity to give their project a major boost by receiving financial support of up to €10,000. Find out more

Learn more about Altern’Up

For travel lovers, we offer iMove, a unique tailor-made program for all young European professionals wishing to pursue rewarding assignments around the world through International Volunteering in company (VIE). Find out more

Learn more about iMove


An apprenticeship is a great way for students to gain professional and personal skills and become accustomed to working environments. This is why we are continuing to welcome more than 1,600 apprentices each year through this route which plays a positive role in equal opportunities. We have also been rewarded by our apprentices and interns. According to the HappyIndex®Trainees survey by Choose My Company, 91% of them recommended us for internships, apprenticeships, and VIE!

Lea, Vaccine Analysis Apprentice at the mRNA Centre of Excellence

With her strong passion for research, Lea talks to us about the wide range of jobs she works with on a daily basis, and about what it’s like working as an apprentice in this department at the forefront of innovation.

Ivy-Steaven, CSR Project Apprentice

In the CSR department, it is “commitment” that guides Ivy-Steaven in what he does. He talks to us about Sanofi's major commitments in France, such as guaranteeing access to care for vulnerable people, creating an inclusive work environment, and taking action for a healthier planet. 

Nadia, Digital Communication Manager

Formerly an intern, an apprentice, and then a VIE, Nadia is now digital communications manager at our Gentilly Campus. Driven by a zest for learning, she has found great inspiration from health experts. Take a look at the opportunities that have shaped her journey.

Enzo, Account Manager Apprentice

This “first real professional experience” was an important springboard for Enzo. Through his enthusiasm and determination, and thanks to the key role played by his manager, Enzo has made every day count in his professional journey. He shares his experience with us.

Joséphine, Youth Policy Project Manager

One of the key figures of Sanofi's Early Talent Policy, Joséphine walks us through the major milestones of the apprentices and interns journey at our company.

Inès, Quality Assurance Manager

In addition to her work assignments, Inès is involved in the Starting Blocks For Youth community. Since 2017, this group of students is leading a network of 2,200 apprentices and interns, which focuses on skills development and well-being in the workplace. Find out what drove her to join the initiative!

Océane, Biotechnology Production Technician

Océane began her career as an apprentice, then became a technician. . Through these various roles, she was able to learn, adapt and grow. Now as a training instructor, she invests her time in passing on her expertise to students.

Valentin, People Excellence Partner

Former apprentice Valentin is now People Excellence Partner for our Human Resource teams. He shares his journey, highlighting the importance of being daring, curious and cultivating your network.

“Place d’avenir”: visiting Priority Districts of the City Policiesto meet Early talents

Inclusion is an integral part of our Diversity, Equality & Inclusion policy. Since 2021, we have been meeting Early Talents from all backgrounds during our “Place d’Avenir” recruitment events, in partnership with Mozaïk RH, specialized in recruitment with inclusion. The aim of these events is to introduce Early Talents to our company, our jobs, our commitments and our apprenticeship opportunities.