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Career DevelopmentDrive your career 

We’ll take you to extraordinary places

Where will you go next?

Build a career with purpose. Your development is a team effort and we’re here to support you every step of the way. One of our talent principles is ‘It takes three to tango’ – you, your manager, and our wider organization. Whether it’s mentoring, international assignments, or discovering new ways of working, we'll help you reach your career aspirations and unleash your full potential.

At Sanofi, we believe every person can lead from where they are. You’ll learn to grow your skills and evolve as a leader through our Leadership Frame. Connect with mentors via our Career Hub, and explore new possibilities through "gigs", where you’ll work on short-term projects to try something new on another team. You’ll do it all with our full support, increasing your exposure to business leaders, and expanding your network across the industry.

You’re in control, and your manager will guide you, colleagues will support you, and AI-driven tools can connect you with new opportunities based on your interests. Your future is wide open – we’ll help you follow your own path and start your unique career journey.

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How Sanofians drive their careers

Experience the power of choosing your path

Invest in yourself and think bold. Move across business units and functions. Explore new countries and try out different gigs. For Sanofians, the opportunities to grow, experiment, and succeed are endless. Explore our Sanofi University where you can create a personalized learning experience tailored to meet your needs.

Hear from Deya, Sharya and Miren on their unconventional, exciting and inspirational career journeys.

How you’ll grow

Supported by Sanofi leadership, programs, and opportunities

Personal development

Define your career path: where you’re headed, what skills will get you there, and your pace. At every stage, your manager is fully supported to encourage your talent and guide you to opportunities. We’ll provide the structure and support you need.

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Career Hub

Our AI-enabled Career Hub helps you shape your journey. Connect with teams across the world, experiences that help you grow, and new mentors, all surrounded by experts and leaders who will give you steer and help you grow. Expand your network – and your potential.

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Internal mobility

We’re believers in the big picture. Career moves keep our people inspired, with endless opportunities to grow – from moving upwards in a promotion to moving sideways to gain a new skillset. Bring your expertise to a new team. Work flexibly in different areas. We can’t wait to see where you’ll go next.

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International mobility

Seeking new horizons? Growing your career in a new country can be a rewarding experience for you and your family. Wherever you’re from, wherever you’re going, take some time to explore our International Mobility policies. We’ll provide the resources you need to face new challenges and take care of your wellbeing.

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Build the skills to succeed

We invest to ensure that our people have the skills to meet the demanding needs of our business for today and tomorrow. It’s how we’re transforming the company digitally, and allowing our people to excel.

The World Economic Forum has recognized us as a “Skills Lighthouse” – one of only 20 worldwide, alongside other universities and governmental organizations. It’s just one of the many ways we’re equipping our people to shorten the time it takes to bring new medicines and vaccines to the world.

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Experience possibility

  • Your Saved Jobs

    Learn more
  • Cambridge Crossing

    We're bringing together 2,500 people from across our organization — R&D, Medical, Commercial and Global colleagues all working to realize the power of collaboration.

    Learn more
  • Innovation in Action

    Our flexible lab of the future will transform how we conduct research, while our innovation center will be fully integrated with existing R&D locations.

    Learn more
  • Sustainable and Green

    Our new facility was built to minimize the environmental impact — helping protect our planet and people. Using resources efficiently, we're providing greener, healthier workspaces.

    Learn more
  • Sanofi’s AI Centre of Excellence in Toronto

    The Centre is focused on using leading technologies to develop world-class data and artificial intelligence (AI) products to create value for the health sector.

    Learn more
  • Ama

    Ama puts her project management techniques and ServiceNow knowledge to use to help advance Sanofi’s Digital Data operating model. Learn how our team connects data and AI to do what’s never been done before.

    Learn more
  • Sanofi Canada's Philanthropic Efforts

    By chasing the miracles of science to improve people’s lives, we surprise ourselves with what we can achieve. Our team is humbled by the impact our efforts make.

    Learn more
  • Emmanuel

    Emmanuel, Head of the Sanofi Digital Accelerator, shares how his team builds digital solutions that enable patients to receive new treatments to help improve their lives.

    Learn more
  • Dimitrije

    Dimitrije shares insights into the work carried out by the AI Centre of Excellence in Toronto.

    Learn more
  • Ziv

    Read Ziv's first-hand account describing the reasons he chose to join Sanofi – and many of the reasons why he now chooses to stay.

    Learn more
  • When you grow, we all grow

    We strive to support your whole self with thoughtfully crafted rewards that benefit you physically, financially, mentally and socially. Whatever your role, you'll thrive in our inclusive teams.

    Learn more
  • Bolder, better futures

    Change your life. And the lives of millions around the globe. How? By starting a career where you're supported to grow, while having a tangible impact and learning from the best.

    Learn more
  • Our locations

    We're in 60+ countries, all pulling together to define the future of healthcare. Wherever you work, you'll develop your career alongside experts, using technology to chase bigger breakthroughs.

    Learn more
  • Sanofi Stories

    At Sanofi every voice matters. Get to know the talented Sanofians shaping our future and pushing us toward our ambitious goals.

    Learn more
  • Sanofi at Cambridge Crossing

    Dubbed Sanofi at Cambridge Crossing, our new state-of-the-art facility will create an innovation hub promoting close collaboration and integration among business units. Join us and become part of a team dedicated to chasing the miracles of science that improve people’s lives.

    Learn more
  • Why Sanofi

    Get access to the tools, training, and support to reach your goals. By fulfilling your potential, you’ll help us achieve our aim of halving the time from discovery to therapy.

    Learn more
  • Our people & culture

    We're the first in Pharma to have a DE&I board. We also have Employee Resource Groups that create spaces for every Sanofian to be heard. Your voice matters – use it to shape our future.

    Learn more
  • Sanofi's Postdoctoral Program

    Designed for high-caliber Ph.D. graduates, Sanofi's Postdoctoral Program helps you advance your scientific career in a state-of-the-art environment.

    Learn more
  • Physician Careers at Sanofi

    At Sanofi, physicians like you have the opportunity to collaborate on new ideas and challenge established thinking. Learn about Physician careers here.

    Learn more
  • AI Centre of Excellence

    The AI Centre of Excellence at Sanofi is a unique data-driven team based in Downtown Toronto. We pride ourselves on being data-obsessed and highly focused on using state-of-the-art technologies to drive global impact.

    Learn more
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