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Early TalentMake bold moves.  From day one.

Your future is wide open – what path will you take?

Imagine impacting the lives of countless people worldwide. Your ambition could drive a revolution in medicine and the health sector, powered by the unstoppable force of AI and Data.

As you grow, so do we. We offer everything from apprenticeships, internships, global graduate, postdoctoral roles and entry level positions. Digitalents and iMove (for European Economic Area (EEA) citizens are just two of over 5 regional and global programs.

Take on braver directions. Gain bolder experiences. It’s your opportunity to develop your career with mentoring and guidance from inspirational leaders. Ready to start something amazing? We’ll help you every step of the way.

Show your skills. From day one.

Laura is growing her skills every day.

Youseff is unleashing the potential of AI.

Kickstart your career

With roles in our Global Graduate Programs, Apprenticeships & Internships, and iMove, Sanofi’s Work Abroad Program, you determine your direction. Wherever you land, you get the support you need to help create something incredible.

Graduates – Digitalents Program

A two-year rotational program, Digitalents is your opportunity to kickstart an amazing journey with us. It’s where you work with professionals from all over the world, growing from personalized support. Be empowered from group learning, while developing in ways you never expected – from real-world experiences. This is the foundation for your future career.

Discover a range of apprenticeships
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Apprenticeships & Internships

Our apprenticeships offer you your first role while you graduate or after school. Our internships allow you to immerse yourself in a specific career area. We divide your time across seminars and coaching from professionals, as you develop in a community built on collaboration. You enhance your skills through in-person and virtual classes, and our bespoke resources. This is where you grow through our support.

Explore our apprenticeships and internships
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Make your move with iMove. You get to work on meaningful assignments, doing things you never knew you could. We give the space and scope for EEA residents to experience working across one of 40+ countries, gaining unique skills and benefiting from a network of more than 250 iMovers. Surprise yourself with what you can achieve and start building your career journey.

Your first move? Discover iMove
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Work in France

Discover your raison d'être right where we started.

France Early Careers

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Early Careers, USA

Explore our flagship locations like Bridgewater, NJ and Cambridge, MA.

US Early Careers

How we invest in you

Take a look at some of the competitive benefits and rewards for new hires:

  • Inclusive, accessible, and flexible workplaces.

  • Develop and grow through experiences and limitless opportunities.

  • Unique and customizable career journey, powered by diverse internal mobility opportunities and resources.

Your guide to applying

We believe in your success. So, when you apply for your new role or program, you can brush up with our interview tips and application suggestions. Give yourself the best chance.

  • How do I know what role or program is right for me

    First of all, make sure that you read all the details closely, then read it again. Our listings give a thorough account of the skills and behaviors that we’re looking for. The question is, do they match what you’ve got and what you’re searching for? You could write down all your experience and skills to give yourself a clearer sense of what you can do.

    What should I do if I have limited experience?

    We want you to make sure that all the information you send us really reflect who you are and what you can do. If you have limited work experience, highlight your achievements in school, teams you have been part of, and volunteering or leadership opportunities. Our team will look for the attributes that show us that you will be able to successfully make the transition, as well as what you’ll bring to our workplace culture as an individual.

  • What type of interview will I have?

    Depending on the team and location, your interview may use a variety of methods, including phone, in person, or through video teleconference. Ensure you have a good Internet or phone connection (if interviewing remotely), and, finally, smile, stay calm, and have confidence in yourself.

    I don’t regularly interview. How should I prepare?

    Prior to interviewing, consider the type of questions we’ll ask. Come up with examples of experience or roles that relate to the position you’re applying for. We believe everyone at Sanofi has the potential to be a leader, so prepare for questions about taking action, and what inspires you to act for patients and customers. You can prepare using the STAR method – where you can answer behavioral interview questions by discussing the situation, task, action and result. You should also think about the questions you would like to ask the team.

  • How can I ensure that I have successfully submitted my application? Can I track my progress?

    Once you have applied, you will receive an acknowledgement of your application. Your application will be reviewed by a member of our Talent Acquisition team. We’ll only follow up directly with those who meet the role requirements. You’ll be notified by way of a system notification as well at or before the conclusion of the recruitment process.

    Can I apply to the same position again if I’m rejected?

    If the position or a similar one becomes available later on, yes, you are welcome to apply again. You may need to gain additional experience to progress further in the process. So, give some time to thinking about how you can improve your skills and gain new experience.

"Being part of Sanofi means bringing magnitude in all we do. From investment and support into technology, all the way up to career opportunities. For example, I’ve been part of the driving forces bringing two drugs in rare disease to the market. These drugs are really miracles of science for those patients living under life-threatening conditions."
Headshot of Céline

Céline Thierens

iCMC Project Leader

Stretch yourself.

You drive your career growth and development. We provide resources, tools, and guidance to help, including dedicated mentors and great teams. Try new opportunities and gigs before making a full move. Because when you take the lead, you own discovery.

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Drive your career

Here’s how Sanofians are using their careers to change lives. What could you do with our support?

Experience possibility

  • Your Saved Jobs

    Learn more
  • Cambridge Crossing

    We're bringing together 2,500 people from across our organization — R&D, Medical, Commercial and Global colleagues all working to realize the power of collaboration.

    Learn more
  • Innovation in Action

    Our flexible lab of the future will transform how we conduct research, while our innovation center will be fully integrated with existing R&D locations.

    Learn more
  • Sustainable and Green

    Our new facility was built to minimize the environmental impact — helping protect our planet and people. Using resources efficiently, we're providing greener, healthier workspaces.

    Learn more
  • Sanofi’s AI Centre of Excellence in Toronto

    The Centre is focused on using leading technologies to develop world-class data and artificial intelligence (AI) products to create value for the health sector.

    Learn more
  • Ama

    Ama puts her project management techniques and ServiceNow knowledge to use to help advance Sanofi’s Digital Data operating model. Learn how our team connects data and AI to do what’s never been done before.

    Learn more
  • Sanofi Canada's Philanthropic Efforts

    By chasing the miracles of science to improve people’s lives, we surprise ourselves with what we can achieve. Our team is humbled by the impact our efforts make.

    Learn more
  • Emmanuel

    Emmanuel, Head of the Sanofi Digital Accelerator, shares how his team builds digital solutions that enable patients to receive new treatments to help improve their lives.

    Learn more
  • Dimitrije

    Dimitrije shares insights into the work carried out by the AI Centre of Excellence in Toronto.

    Learn more
  • Ziv

    Read Ziv's first-hand account describing the reasons he chose to join Sanofi – and many of the reasons why he now chooses to stay.

    Learn more
  • When you grow, we all grow

    We strive to support your whole self with thoughtfully crafted rewards that benefit you physically, financially, mentally and socially. Whatever your role, you'll thrive in our inclusive teams.

    Learn more
  • Build a career with purpose

    Bring your passion to your role and impact millions of people around the world. You're in the driver's seat – just set your goals, and we'll provide the training and support that will get you there.

    Learn more
  • Our locations

    We're in 60+ countries, all pulling together to define the future of healthcare. Wherever you work, you'll develop your career alongside experts, using technology to chase bigger breakthroughs.

    Learn more
  • Sanofi Stories

    At Sanofi every voice matters. Get to know the talented Sanofians shaping our future and pushing us toward our ambitious goals.

    Learn more
  • Sanofi at Cambridge Crossing

    Dubbed Sanofi at Cambridge Crossing, our new state-of-the-art facility will create an innovation hub promoting close collaboration and integration among business units. Join us and become part of a team dedicated to chasing the miracles of science that improve people’s lives.

    Learn more
  • Why Sanofi

    Get access to the tools, training, and support to reach your goals. By fulfilling your potential, you’ll help us achieve our aim of halving the time from discovery to therapy.

    Learn more
  • Our people & culture

    We're the first in Pharma to have a DE&I board. We also have Employee Resource Groups that create spaces for every Sanofian to be heard. Your voice matters – use it to shape our future.

    Learn more
  • Sanofi's Postdoctoral Program

    Designed for high-caliber Ph.D. graduates, Sanofi's Postdoctoral Program helps you advance your scientific career in a state-of-the-art environment.

    Learn more
  • Physician Careers at Sanofi

    At Sanofi, physicians like you have the opportunity to collaborate on new ideas and challenge established thinking. Learn about Physician careers here.

    Learn more
  • AI Centre of Excellence

    The AI Centre of Excellence at Sanofi is a unique data-driven team based in Downtown Toronto. We pride ourselves on being data-obsessed and highly focused on using state-of-the-art technologies to drive global impact.

    Learn more
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What could we achieve together?

Want to join our Global Talent Community? Every Sanofian works on projects that truly make a difference to people’s lives.

What could you achieve? Sign up today and discover our latest opportunities as soon as they’re available.