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Sanofi Stories

Igniting everyone’s potential

Our Sanofians share the personal stories behind what really drives them to be better, go further and never settle. For some, it’s sharing the journey of family members with a rare disease, for others it’s the guidance of a mentor, or the strength of a parent. The fire within all of us comes from a unique place. Who ignites your potential?

Who Ignites You?

Hear firsthand how our Sanofians get inspired to embrace new challenges, find better treatments, and unlock their full potential through their igniters.

Man in single scull rowboat in the water

Welcome to the Sanofi Cup

The Sanofi Cup unites us in a celebration of our values, spirit and determination. It's our own internal global sporting event, based on our values of wellbeing, performance, collaboration and DEI. Launched in May 2023, over 11,000 Sanofians worldwide registered to take part, representing 65 different countries. For the local challenges, there were 26,000 global participants – which will become 240 for the final itself. We play to win!

Sanofi Cup: Igniting Every Sanofian's Potential

We help you reach your goals

The Sanofi Cup is a truly global event where our people seize the opportunity to grow together – and advocate for wellbeing through sports. We support healthy bodies, healthy minds, healthy financials, and a healthy working culture for every Sanofian. We call it All Well, and it’s how we create the foundation for your success.

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What could we achieve together?

Want to join our Global Talent Community? Every Sanofian works on projects that truly make a difference to people’s lives.

What could you achieve? Sign up today and discover our latest opportunities as soon as they’re available.