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Preparing for the Interview

Following the initial assessment of your application, and if you meet the role requirements, you will advance to the interview stage of the recruitment process. Please find below some useful tips that can help you prepare and perform at your best on your interview day!

Be prepared

Carefully read through the job description

Be curious

Prepare some questions that you would like to ask the Interviewer(s). For example, those related to the position, the team, the culture etc.

Be familiar with Sanofi

Familiarise yourself with Sanofi, its culture, mission & vision, as well as current company news

Be informed

Check with the recruiter in advance if there is any dress code that you should follow and what are the personal documents you’ll need for the interview.

Be punctual

Online or in person, always make sure you arrive on time. If you are invited to a face-to-face interview, check the venue address in advance and make sure you arrive on time to register and find the room.

Be proactive

Check for next-steps with the Recruiter or someone from the Interviewing team.

Using the STAR Methodology

Behavioral interviewing is a behavior-based, semi-structured interview based on the premise that past performance predicts future performance. When you are taking part in a behavioral interview, you will be asked to give specific examples of situations you have encountered in your past experiences. You will notice that questions typically begin with phrases like "Tell me about a time when" or "Give me an example of...".

  • Situation

    What was the initial situation? What was the challenge? This is a structured method designed to guide your responses by breaking down experiences into key components.

  • Task

    What did you want to achieve? What was your goal? Highlight your skills and competencies effectively by narrating specific examples from past experiences.

  • Action

    What did you do in order to achieve your goal? Use “I” answers to demonstrate what you did and how your actions contributed to the result.

  • Result

    What was the exact result? Be specific and try to avoid the following expressions: "usually", "typically", "sometimes", "always", "generally", "I would do…"

During the Interview

Seize the opportunity to authentically share your experiences, showcase your skills, and reveal your personality. This is the moment to let your true self shine, leaving a lasting impression that goes beyond qualifications.

Be authentic

The interview is a two way exchange to determine if the positions is one you would succeed in and enjoy. Being fully transparent in your experience and potential development areas will help everyone decide if this is a great match - you included!

Share your aspirations

At Sanofi, when we hire people, we are looking at it as the start of their career. Express your career goals and aspirations, illustrating how they align with the values and opportunities within the organization. Provide insight into your professional journey and demonstrate the enthusiasm that drives your future ambitions.

Ask questions

This will help you determine if the position is right for you. The interview is a conversation, so don't feel like you have to hold the questions back until the end. Ask them as they arise - the answers could help you better demonstrate your match for the position.

Next steps (after the Interview)

  1. Application
  2. Screening with recruiter
  3. Interview
    • Successful outcome:
      • Offer
      • Contract
      • Onboarding
    • Unsuccessful outcome:
      • Feedback
      • Rejection
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