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Sanofi's mRNA Center of Excellence

Our mRNA Center of Excellence is recruiting top researchers in the field

Welcome to Sanofi's mRNA Center of Excellence, where innovation knows no bounds! Since 2021, we've surged ahead in the mRNA revolution, growing our team to a remarkable 500 individuals. As the healthcare landscape evolves rapidly, we remain steadfast in our belief that mRNA technology can revolutionize healthcare, and bring treatments for more people faster than before.

With an annual investment of €400 million, we're committed to pioneering healthcare solutions. Our integrated mRNA vaccine capabilities, uniting R&D, Digital, Data Science and CMC teams, are shaping the future of healthcare.

Join our team of forward-thinkers, visionaries, and pioneers who pursue scientific miracles. Bring your ambition, optimism, and passion to transform lives through cutting-edge mRNA technology.

The future of healthcare starts here, and it's an adventure you won't want to miss.

Watch what joining the Center of Excellence is all about

Meet Emma - Manager Data Science

Meet Shion - Planning & Operations Manager

Meet Laure - Outsourcing Manager

Meet Marco - Analytical Development and Characterization Scientist

What is it like to work within the mRNA Center of Excellence?

Meet Stéphanie - Head of Analytical Sciences

Meet Fernando - Head of Data & Computational Sciences

Meet Frank - Head of Research & Biomarkers

Meet Laurence - Head of Global Human Resources

Meet Régis - Head of mRNA Center of Excellence

Aiming for a future of better health

  • Establishing a pioneering mRNA Center of Excellence

  • Expanding access to vaccines worldwide

  • Developing new vaccines and treatments faster than ever before

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What could we achieve together?

Want to join our Global Talent Community? Every Sanofian works on projects that truly make a difference to people’s lives.

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